Guide Before Buying a Car

Asking if which one is better between an automatic or manual when it comes to car transmission have always been a debate almost as old as motoring itself, whether you’re a seasoned driver or perhaps just thinking about learning how to drive, it is inevitable for you not to stumble upon this question.

To get things straight, from wanting your car to be practical to something to show off or just to get you from point to point, at the end of the day, your car is a personal choice, so for someone who are still puzzled about which one to get, below are some collected facts to guide you.

Cars with manual transmission is known to be the hardest one to use, most difficult to learn and increasingly rare, having a fundamental flaw of being in need of three pedals while you only have two feet, that would require you to have cognitive and physical dexterity, while cars with an automatic transmission are the convenient choice for most drivers, since it has this nature of being easy to drive and for drivers who aren’t used to driving, are a good starting point.

Choosing Between a Manual and Automatic Car Transmissions

Without getting too technical, automatic transmission cars have a simplified gearbox (with P-Park, R-Reverse, N-Neutral, and D-drive as following settings) and no clutch pedal while manual transmission cars, also known as a stick-shift for a very good reason, because it makes drivers literally use a stick to change gears, up to five or six different ones, plus reverse, giving you full control over how the car performs and a clutch pedal which is you cannot find in the other one, is the main difference between the two.

When it comes to which type of transmission people prefers and what type of car they learned how to drive, you’ll find out that people are evenly divided such as if you’ve learn to drive from using manual, you’re going to find it strange driving an automatic and vice versa. If you learn to drive using an automatic transmission car, then you’ll always be an “automatic driver”, meaning, if you wanted to drive a manual transmission car, then you would have to retake your test in a manual car. But as we have mentioned above, manual transmission cars are more difficult to learn and drive and involves more thinking while automatics are generally love because it is easier to drive.

Manuals, having a better fuel consumption and performance since they have more gears to make the most of the engine’s power is the classic selling point of it behind having a drawback of requiring a skill to drive one. Automatics are still being viewed as behind the race in terms of performance, and fuel economy, even though power and economy gaps have been reduced significantly or eliminated, but behind this, one of the benefits of driving an automatic will be the ease of use you’ll be able to drive with, and the relative ease you’ll be able to offload your car when it comes to putting it to the market.

To sum it all up, an automatic car might be better suited to those who are used to urban driving. If nothing else, not having to press the clutch on and off continuously will lessen driver fatigue. And if you travel longer distances or are used to driving on faster roads, a manual car could be a better option since having better control over the gear selection means you can drive more efficiently.

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